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New Pittsburgh Company Debuts Patent Pending
Indoor Electric Grill with Smoke Filtering System

The "SmokeWave Portable Grill"

Pittsburgh, PA. May 2015 --The newly launched Grill-Top Electric Indoor BBQ Grill debuted as a must have appliance. The company, Grill-Top, Inc., offers a new grill product that delivers "A new twist on indoor grill technology". The grill has a self-contained smoke filtering hood system which allows the food to absorb and obtain a smoky grilled flavor. In addition, it offers a water filled grease tray which allows the food to retain moisture which is unlike any other indoor grill.

The grill, which is currently patent pending, is the brainchild of Grill-Top Founder John Donofrio, who tried to buy an indoor grill that worked just like an outdoor grill. After searching and finding less than satisfying options, John's frustration turned to inspiration and the first Grill-Top grill was born.

Since then John has perfected his design and located a production partner and launched his business online. Motivated by his early success, John is already looking to the future, "I want to expand and offer more features and grill sizes. Additionally, I want to offer more smoke flavoring options."

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