SmokeWave Grill
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SmokeWave Portable Grill Technology

"SmokeWave" Technology
Similar to outdoor grills, our special “Proprietary” technology allows you to properly grill foods at higher temperatures.
“Cool to the touch”, “heat resistant” hood for safety.

Built-in Smoke Filtering Exhaust System
The hood system has a specially designed self-contained smoke filtering system with a removable filter.

Removable Filter
Similar to an oven hood, the easy access removable filter allows for easy replacement.

Healthier Cooking
Unlike most popular indoor grills, the grease falls directly off the food, through the grill grates, and into a collection tray without touching the grill surface or being absorbed into the food… Just like an outdoor grill.

 The Science

Why does grilled food taste better?
Have you ever noticed that a grilled meal gets twice the raves of a non-grilled meal?

The reason is that grilled food becomes “caramelized”. That is a big word that means the cooking process concentrates the natural sugars (all food contain sugar naturally) and the high heat browns or “caramelizes” those sugars. It is also know as the “Maillard reaction”

The Maillard reaction is one of the great miracles of cooking. It is the chemical reaction between amino acids and sugars created by heat responsible for the crust on breads, dark beer, transforming boring beans into coffee and chocolate, and turning the outside of roasted meat into something rich and complex.

99.9% of the time, it is no contest! The grilled food wins the taste test.

The reason: The grilled food is “caramelized” and the flavor is much more pleasurable and intense.