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***New Grill-Top SmokeWave Grill***

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Grill Your Way On Any Day!

The Award Winning Grill-Top Portable Counter-top Grill Appliance is a simple, safe and portable innovation which promotes 
healthier cooking and will change the way you think about grilling!

The food tastes just like it was cooked on an outdoor grill.

The Grill-Top Portable Counter-top Grill is an all year grilling solution!
• It's a great solution for grilling in apartments, townhouses and condos.

• It's great for making small quick meals without leaving your kitchen!

• It even has a built-in exhaust system.

Watch Our Videos Below for More Information:

What makes the "SmokeWave Grill" different?

Smoke Flavor - One fundamental difference from other indoor grills is that our grill cooks the food at a higher temperature with smoke. Other indoor grills try to prevent smoke. Cooking with the smoke gives the food a better barbecue taste. No other indoor electric grill can do that without a built-in exhaust system. Most smokeless grills still have issues with smoke and especially with greasy foods.

Cooks evenly - Our stainless steel inside hood allows the grill to maintain consistent and even temperature when cooking.

Safety - No other grill has our Patented air-cooled outside hood which prevents burns and does not require an oven glove to open the hood.

Easy to use - The SmokeWave grill is much easier to use since the process is similar to an outside grill. No confusing buttons, parts or controls.

Easy to clean - The SmokeWave grill is much easier to clean and is dishwasher safe. It only has 2-3 core parts to clean.



Problem with other indoor grills...

Do you ever notice that other popular indoors contact grills really don’t cook the same as an outdoor grill?

Simply put they just cannot give you the smoky flavors of a good outdoor BBQ

Have you used a stove grill pan that creates a smoky mess?

That’s because they can’t BBQ food without setting off smoke alarms. Not to mention, they are messy when cooking and are hard to clean. 

The Grill-Top Indoor Electric BBQ Grill IS Your Solution!

It combines the outdoor smoky grill flavors with indoor safety, convenience and easy clean-up.

Too Hot or Too Cold Outside? Not a Problem Any More!

***Patented SmokeWave Technology***
No other portable grill has our special patented smoke filtering hood!


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